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Player Ratings


“Balanced Teams” is one of AYSO’s core principles. We rely on you to provide accurate player ratings at the end of each season. These ratings will help guide us as we form teams for the upcoming season.

The Head Coach must input player ratings into eAYSO by a set date in order to receive trophies.

Three Important Notes:

  • The Ratings Must Be Accurate
  • The Ratings Must Be Completed in EAYSO
  • No Ratings = No Trophies

Accuracy and our AYSO Rating Scale:

As you rate your players, please take into consideration the following:

Player’s skill level in relation to other teams you have faced – not just in relation to your own team. Concretely, a player who may be a 5 on my team, may only be a 3 when compared to other teams we have faced.
Age level appropriate skills: e.g. the U05ers are not expected to know how to head the ball, but a U12 player who can head in goals off corner kicks may merit a higher rating than one who cannot.
Don’t stack rank your team, but don’t give them all the same rating, either. As a coach, it is your responsibility to differentiate your player talent.

The Scale:

Player is just starting to acquire the basic skills required to play at age-level. S/he has not yet mastered them and does not use them regularly in games.
Player shows basic ability with the skills presented throughout the season, and s/he can use them to a small degree during games.
  • Player has acquired all of the age appropriate skills, uses them effectively during practice, and frequently during games.
  • Player also understands positional awareness, but may not always show mastery.
  • Player understands teamwork and plays effectively (passes, makes runs, etc.) during games.
4Above Average
  • Player has acquired all of the age appropriate skills, uses them consistently both in practice and in games. S/he uses them skillfully to a higher degree than most other players.
  • Player shows solid understanding of positional awareness and can play most positions effectively (Offense, midfield, defense, and goal keeper where appropriate).
  • Player shows highly effective teamwork during games and makes effective use of his/her teammates (passing, runs into space, gets open for passes).
5Game Changer
  • Player has mastered all of the age appropriate skills, uses them consistently in practice and games without prompting.
  • Player also displays skills that are higher than current age level and uses them consistently in games.
  • Player is often the most effective on the field – a game-changer in key positions: Offense, midfield, defense, goal keeper where appropriate.

Ratings in eAYSO:

The Head Coach must input player ratings into eAYSO by the date provided by your division coordinator .   If we haven’t received your Player Ratings, then you will not receive your trophies or medals!

To input the individual ratings for your team, follow the steps below.

1. Log into

2. Find and click on “View coach team”

3. Click the “Click Here” tab under the TEAM column

4. Input your individual ratings as categorized above into each players ratings box

6. When complete, click on “Update”. You have now completed the ratings process

7. Print the Ratings Sheet for your records

Tech Support:

  • See our eAYSO Tech Support page for help
  • Are you the Head Coach of your team, but do NOT have these links available or cannot view your team?  Send an email to the RC with your name, login ID and details on what you can or cannot view.

Coaches, great play on the field starts and ends with us. When we all do our part, we ensure a positive playing experience for our young players!

If you have any questions, please email The RC.

Thanks for all you do!

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