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Spring Soccer

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Spring is a coach driven program in Region 86 and the gaming circuit is run by AYSO Area 11L.  Coaches that wish to form Spring teams may do so with the approval of the Regional Commissioner (RC), Regional Coach Administrator (RCA) and Regional Referee Administrator (RRA).  See below for frequently asked questions.  Please contact the Spring coordinator for inquiries.

Frequent Asked Questions

How are Players Selected?

Participation in Spring is by invitation only by a coach. Coaches select players based on our published guidelines shown below in a lower section.

How are Coaches Selected?

Anyone wanting to coach a Spring team must have the proper training, safe haven certification and be approved by the RC and RCA based on the Spring gaming circuit deadlines and guidelines/rules. Coaches in good standing with the Region and that coached in the Fall season have first right of refusal to coach a Spring team before coaches that did not coach in the Fall may form Spring teams.

How much does it costs?

Necessary fees are to be paid via our on-line Spring Team registration. The fees are team fees and not individual player registrations. It is the responsibility of the coach/team to pay these fee at registration time. Team parents are to then reimburse the coach or whoever pays the fees. The Region does not get involved in individual registration fees during the Spring season. A typical Spring team fee amounts to approximately $60/player without uniforms, or $85/player with uniforms. However the coach/team may enact additional fees to cover other expenses such as trainers, tournaments, premium uniforms, equipment, etc. Each team will determine the individual player fee to be reimbursed to the coach. 

Team fees pay for field and equipment expenses, coach and referee training, trophies/medals, gaming circuit fees, volunteer appreciation and other miscellaneous expenses of running the program.

When is the Spring Season?

The Spring season typically runs from some time in February through the middle of May. Teams generally begin practice in February with games starting near the end of February with the last games around the start or middle of May. There is usually an optional tournament for Spring teams in May. Most games are on Saturdays, with some Sunday or weeknight play. No games are played on Easter Sunday or Mother's day. The gaming circuit is run by AYSO Area 11L (Southern Orange Co) and teams play other teams for adjacent Regions.

What is the format of play?

The program is run by AYSO Area 11L and they determine the format. Typically teams are submitted with initial “best guess” seeding and a seeding round is played (4-6 games). Teams are “re-seeded” by Area staff and then a medal round is played (4-6) games (top 3 or 4 teams receive medals). U8 teams just play games with participation trophies. There is also an optional tournament in May. The following is typical but subject to change and dictated by the Area gaming circuit: 

U8 (11 player roster), 8v8 with goal keeper; no offside law (modified possibly); no penalty kicks; no Indirect Free Kicks (IFKs) – direct free kicks (DFKs) only. 

U10 (12 player roster), 9v9 – standard FIFA laws of the game 

U12/U14 (15 player roster), 11v11 – standard FIFA laws of the game 

U16/U19 (18 player roster), 11v11 – standard FIFA laws of the game

Where are the games played?

U12-U19 play home games at Moulton Meadows Park and/or El Morro Elementary School. U8-U10 play home games at Alta Laguna Park and/or Thurston Middle School. Away games are played on other fields in So. Orange Co. The schedule and field locations are posted on the Area 11L web site.

Where/when do the teams practice?

Alll teams may practice at Moulton Meadows Park. Teams may have two 1 to 1 1/2 hour practices a week sometime between 3:30-7PM on weekdays. Higher Divisions will have priority of day & time. No teams may have two practice slots until all teams have at least one. If other fields are available to AYSO during the Spring season, teams will be allowed to practice at those fields.

What are the Coach Requirements?

COACH requirements include: 

Have coached during the previous Fall season (first right of refusal). 

Be Safe Haven Certified. 

Be Age Appropriately Trained for the division they are coaching (U8, U10, U12, Intermediate, or Advanced). 

Supply a recent facial photo for a Coach ID Card to Area 11L. 

Exceptions to the above require board approval and possibly Area board approval. Coaches and Teams are approved at January Board meeting.

What are the Player Requirements?

PLAYER requirements include:: 

Must have played in previous Fall season (at least 50% of their scheduled games). Exceptions require Board approval. 

Exceptions to this guideline: 

Injury during the Fall season (but was a registered player) 

Not enough Fall players to field a Spring team – priority and ample opportunity must be given to ALL Fall players before recruiting non AYSO players. 

Parent is a significant and necessary volunteer (coach, referee, Board member) – needs Board approval

What are the Referee Requirements?

REFEREE requirements include: 

Three referees required per team (U10-U19) or two for U8 teams. 

Referees MUST be parents of players on the teams. 

Independent and Youth referees CANNOT represent Spring teams but are welcome and encouraged to referee. 

Referee representatives are expected to officiate home games (~6 games minimum each as referee or assistant referee). Teams that fail to fulfill referee requirements will not be submitted to the gaming circuit (with a partial refund) and teams whose referees fail to complete the necessary requirements may be prohibited from continuing on to the medal round or from entering the subsequent tournaments (without a refund).

What are the Deadlines?

DEADLINES include: 

December 31st - On line Team Applications (with referee commitment and payment) 

Mid January - Coach photos submitted to Area 11L. 

January 31st - Team Rosters due. 

Mid January - Training deadline for those that need coach and/or referee training to be compliant.

What about Tournaments?

Coaches/teams participating in the Spring gaming circuits may not enter any tournament play until after the Spring season is finished. However, coaches are welcome to enter their Spring teams or reformed teams into any AYSO sanctioned tournaments after the conclusion of the Spring season through July 31st of the current AYSO season.

Team Formation Protocol?

Fall coaches that wish to form Spring teams should have first right of refusal to invite players from their Fall team. Other coaches should respect this. 

Coaches wishing to invite players that did not play on their Fall team should first contact the coach of that Fall team to obtain permission if that coach is also planning on coaching a Spring team in the same division. If it is the disposition of the Fall coach to want to retain one of his/her Fall players, the other coach should respect this and not issue an invitation to that player unless the player declines the original invitation. Coaches should not be contacting players to influence them to decline invitations. This must be player/parent driven. 

The FLEX Extra teams are formed in the Fall with the intent of continuing them through the Spring and into tournament play after the Fall season. The reason for this is to take those players that are able to compete at that level and keep them together over multiple seasons so they can learn to play as a team and ultimately act as a good feeder into the High School system. If it is the intention of a FLEX Extra coach to continue the team into Spring, other Spring coaches should respect this and not invite those player to play on other Spring teams. The FLEX Extra players are well aware of the intentions of the FLEX Extra program and continuance of these teams into Spring and beyond. Again, should a player not wish to continue on a FLEX Extra team, this must be player/parent driven and not influenced by invitations (verbal or written) by other coaches. 

Coaches should issue written invitation to players. Those invitations should be returned to the coach indicating whether the player accepted or declined. The coach should print them and keep them to prove a player was properly invited if necessary to do so. 

If more that one coach wishes to coach a Spring team, and both those coaches are vying for the same players, ultimately it is up to the player/parents as to which team they accept an invitation from. We would hope that coaches would follow the above protocols. Players that decline invitations should be doing so of their own accord and not being influenced by other coaches. 

The coach should determine the cost per player before hand and make it well know when sending out invitations. The coach should factor in all possible costs – team fee, uniforms, extra paraphernalia, tournament fees, etc. The coach can submit one single check to AYSO Region 86, or collect multiple checks from the players made out to AYSO Region 86. The entire team fee must be turned in at the same time. If allowance is needed to support a player that cannot afford the fee, the cost/player should be adjusted accordingly to make up for this. 

Should potential Spring coaches not be able to follow the above protocol, the Region reserves the right to step in and form the Spring teams and assign them to coaches. It is hoped that it will not come to this! It is highly encouraged that coaches get together (possibly with their division manager) to discuss the formation of multiple teams and come to some logical agreement as to player placement. Team balance should be considered also when forming multiple teams. 

Invitations should not be made to players that did not play AYSO in the Fall of to those that did not legitimately play 50% of their Fall games until all other players that did fulfill these requirements have been issued invitations and accepted or declined. 

Selection and approval of Spring coaches is highly influenced by the following: 

i. Current certification level ii. Current and past service to AYSO iii. In good standing with AYSO – no misconducts iv. Continuing education – willingness to upgrade coach certification, attend coaching clinics, etc.

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